The Best Singers in History: Male Vocalists

I will like to start this blog with a couple of lists. What best list to start, that one with the best singer in history? At least, for me.

Surely, when defining who is or was the best singer in history, everyone will have their opinion, but we will try to make a list of the best singing men of all time and I invite you to contribute with your opinions in the comments. That way, surely the List will be even better.

Freddie Mercury

Queen’s vocalist is, for many, the best singer of all time. The fact of having died young has given him the peculiarity of myth, but that does not detract from the undoubted merit of being one of the best voices of all time.
Not only because of his portentous voice and spectacular acting. In addition to singing, Mercury was a great composer and proof of this are the hits “Bohemian Rhapsody” (highly complex), “Somebody to love” and “Barcelona” (both absolutely exciting) or “We are the Champions” (a whole hymn), to name just some of the songs he composed. Furthermore, he played piano and guitar.
That said: all in one.

Frank Sinatra

The American singer who was born in 1915 in Los Angeles, has been known by all music lovers as “The Voice” because he was considered the man with the best voice in the world.
Besides to be a great vocalist, he was also an actor in countless movies.
Frank Sinatra was the first in many things. He was a teenage idol, an example to follow and the original bad boy, too. It has been, until now, the source of inspiration for hundreds of artists. And awakened a real youth hysteria:
Before the screams of thousands of fans are heard by The Beatles or One Direction, the girls shouted for Frank Sinatra. One of the historical moments was when 30 thousand girls arrived in Times Square in New York on October 12, 1944.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” was born in 1935 in Tupelo, although since childhood he lived in Memphis. With his music he got the black culture to have better acceptance in 1956 and turned rock and roll into a musical genre, which he impregnated that rebellious and youthful character that today makes it unique.
He died in August 1977, although the legend that Elvis is still alive continues …

Luciano Pavarotti

This renowned Italian tenor, famous throughout the world for both his interpretations in operas and collaborations with duos of different types of music. The greatness of Pavarotti is going to be measured by the vacant space he left behind. There is no tenor, none, which has been able to occupy its place as regards vocal quality, artistic expression, emotional capacity, solar dimension, and communicative talent. There are extraordinarily interesting voices in the media right now, but the death of the Big leaves the succession issue unsolved.

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