Piano songs you will absolutely love

There was a time when the piano was the true protagonist of the compositions. We speak of course when the stars had names like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin or Johannes Brahms. But over the years, this instrument has been relegated to the background because of other instruments such as the electric guitar, which has also been losing prominence.

From All percussions, we have decided to perform a memory exercise and recover those songs of modern music in which the piano is the real protagonist, or at least it carries the singing voice of the song

Although any song can be performed on piano, in this post we are going to leave a list of the piano songs that have been famous.

The best piano songs ever

OST The Piano

The soundtrack of the 1993 film “The Piano” has a song performed by this instrument that has great intensity and is up to this list.

Love story theme (piano)

In 1970, Erich Segal had a film known as “Love Story” that triumphed so much for how deep the story is that it tells as well as what its soundtrack liked.

Nuvole Bianche

This great piano musical piece became famous thanks to the announcement of the 2015 Lottery. In the announcement there were no dialogues, it was only the piano music of the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi that conveyed the message along with the images.


The first movement of Beethoven’s Sonata Opus 27 No. 2, better known as moonlight, is well known and conveys a lot of feeling.

The river flows in you

This piece of Yiruma is one of the most beautiful piano songs for many music lovers.

This is the end of my personal and intimate review of the imprint that this instrument has been leaving the last century and beyond. Of course, I await your comments with your favorite themes. Do not forget to share this blog entry to help grow the community of All Percusions.

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