Top 10: Best Songs of the Beatles

The Beatles were an English-born rock band founded in 1956. Composed by John Lennon (singer, guitarist, and composer), Paul Mc Cartney (bassist, composer, voice), George Harrison (guitar and voice) and Ringo Starr (drums). Their songs with a psychedelic and unique style change the music´s story forever. Here we bring you the best songs by The Beatles …

10. In my life

This song is positioned at number 23 of the Rolling Stone «The 500 Best Songs in History».

9. Something

This song had an excellent reception and achieved great commercial success. Around 150 artists have performed the song. Without a doubt one of Harrison’s best writings … Thanks, Ray Charles!

8. Strawberry Field Forever

This song is inspired by Lennon’s memories of his experiences while playing in the garden of a children’s home of the Salvation Army (Non-governmental organization of private social welfare.)

7. Eat Together

After their separation, the band launched the song “Let it Be.” Then, the band came together again and created this piece transmitting a fresher and rejuvenated look.

6. Let it Be

This song came from the inspiration of a dream of the writer McCartney where his mother advised him that it was better to let go… Everything coincides in that at that time the band was at its worst moment and the song was not released until the year 1970 because the Band had just separated.

5. Here Comes The Sun

Together with “Something,” Here Comes the Sun is one of the best hits written by the guitarist and vocalist, George Harrison. While the band was going through a bad financial moment George was isolated and the omen of Here Come the Sun emerged.

4. Twist and Shout

For those who swore and always thought that this song was from The Beatles, we told them that to their surprise this song is originally from a band called The Top Notes. The Beatles made its version and that’s how it became known worldwide.

3. Hey Jude

With more than 7 minutes long it was one of the longest songs at that time. The song Hey Jude, previously called “Hey Jules” is inspired by Lennon’s son, Julian, since the intention was to comfort him for the pain caused by his parents’ divorce.

2. All You Need Is Love

It was the first song broadcast globally on satellite television in 30 countries and seen by more than 400 million people in the “Our World” program, where each country was represented by an artistic number. In this case, The Beatles represented the United Kingdom.

  1. Yesterday

Romantic and melancholic ballad composed and only recorded with the voice of Paul McCartney. Besides, it is one of the most versioned songs in the history of popular music with 1600 performances and the best-known version is the Elvis Presley.

I think we could never include in a post all the best songs of The Beatles. Simply because they are many, but we have tried to collect the best.

Are you missing a song? Tell us and give us your opinion!

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