Musical Instruments Auction

For all of you musically inclined individuals like us, we have a special event coming up and for sure you will be interested! For the love of music, we are conducting an auction and the proceeds will go to Glasgow Music School. We have invited several sponsors and one of which is the owner of Glasgow Boiler Installations, who also loves music. He built his company and gathered a team of Gas Engineers Glasgow and they offer Boiler and Central Heating Services and Replacement Boiler Services. Most of their engineers have over 20 years of experience and this is why they already have a strong following when it comes to these services. They are a very huge part of this event and we want to thank them for all their help.

It just also happened that the owner is a dear friend and has connection also in Glasgow Music School. He said that one of his passions is also music and his favorite instrument is the guitar. He plays a lot of songs and among his favorites are the 70’s and 80’s songs and bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, Abba, Bon Jovi and many more. He shared that music is his bonding moment with his son who he really honed to be a Gas Engineer like himself so that he can follow his footsteps. Managing the business can be very stressful, he said, since their main goal is to provide their clients with quality and reliable services at affordable prices. They have to be consistent and efficient at the same time and they have a lot of competitors so it has always been really challenging for them and the entire company. After every meeting, he shared that he listens to music to relax and breathe. He even made it to a point to come up with a Music Club within the company and this group plays on every event in their company like Christmas party, Sports fest or Family day. We will be very lucky to watch and hear them play at our auction too!

Since we’ve received a generous amount, we’ve partnered with McTear’s Auctioneers to help us conduct the event. They are the experts in auction. We will be accepting all types of instruments like piano, violin, guitar, harp, etc. We hope that we’ll have a lot of people that will participate in order to come up with a good money for the aspiring students of Glasgow Music School. Glasgow Music School believes that anyone can play an instrument as long as they are passionate and if he or she dreams about it. They are determined to help those that are aspiring, regardless of age and we fully support this.

The main goal for the auction is to help a lot of aspiring music lovers to study their craft and eventually hone it because we believe that talents and dreams that these aspirants have deserved to be given a chance to grow. Let’s all make this event successful! We’re still open for some donations or referrals to other music organizations so just keep sharing the information. We will be providing more details soon so just stay tuned in our website!

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