The Best Songs About Trees

Recently, a Pine collapsed near my house. In no time, tree surgery experts came to remove it. In conversation with one of the tree surgeons, I learned how these trees – typical of Scotland – are related to the pines from mainland Europe and can live up to 700 years. But this tree that was much older than our house decided to leave this world.

Since this event, I have been obsessed with the forests for weeks. Every day I go out amazed to walk among the trees on the banks of the river. It will be for the summer that it would seem to tell us stories tailored to the human being: stories of life and death.

It will be to say goodbye to the last golden rays … This serendipitous encounter with nature got me thinking of all the music related to trees, so I put together this little playlist.

Actually, I wanted to make this playlist thinking about how trees are part of our lives, even if we don’t take any direct action towards them, we know they are there and for now, we have the certainty that they will also be there tomorrow.

Some musicians decided to also include trees in their creations and I put this musical list for you so that you know what they are and that you can think of your favorite type of tree.

1. Yellin’ At The Xmas Tree – Billy Idol

Billy Idol started his career in the punk band Generation X and when he separated – around 1981 – he had great success as a solo artist. He gave us this song with all the power of 80s rock. Although it does not talk about the trees of nature, it is a fun song and probably the most original Christmas jingle of all time.

He’s yellin’ at the Christmas tree

He’s yellin’ at the Christmas tree

He’s yellin’ at the Christmas tree

He’s sleeping it the Christmas tree

2. The Little Christmas Tree – Nat King Cole

It’s music´s history in a song and a little sugarcoating for our list. How to sing to a lonely Christmas tree as only Nat King Cole did. What a warm way to wake up to a song and a voice.

I’m the happiest Christmas tree
Ho ho ho, hee hee hee
Someone came and they found me
And took me home with them

3. Fruit Tree – Nick Drake

What can I tell you about Fruit Tree? It is a superb and beautiful masterpiece. This is the soul of Nick Drake singing: he was a soul with a message. I have always believed that the composition and the lyrics are incredibly beautiful.

Fame is but a fruit tree

So very unsound

It can never flourish

Till its stalk is in the ground

4. If A Tree Falls – Bruce Cockburn

One of the best songs dedicated to activism and the environment. This song not only talks about our forests, but it also talks about our entire planet. With a harsh criticism for human greed and its dire consequences for nature.

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
Does anybody hear the forest fall?

5. Ombra Mai Fu – Jackie Evancho

Beautiful music, beautiful song, and an even more beautiful voice. This young talent will leave you wanting more. She is that impressive.

Ombra mai fu
Di vegetabile,
Cara ed amabile,
Soave più.

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